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It all began when I was 5 years old. I was given my all-time favorite gift – a lemon-yellow Easy Bake oven. Powered only by a 100-watt bulb, I baked my first cookies, cakes and pies. I spent endless hours making miniature baked goods for my brothers to taste-test. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more!


For years I've been passionate about the seemingly endless complexities and health benefits of tea. When traveling with my family, they've grown accustomed to my requests of sharing a bit of everyone's suitcase with my latest tea findings.


Surrounded by car and food enthusiasts - I was raised to appreciate unique cars and driving. My family thought nothing of driving an hour and a half for a great meal (or bubble tea).


None of that has changed… I still love creating small baked goods, searching for the perfect tea and driving. And now I have the opportunity to combine the things I enjoy most into Bubble & Brew.


My daughter, Madison and I were lucky enough to find the perfect “venue” for our tea business – a Citroen HY van. “Ruby’s” a retired fire truck from Pont-L’Évéque, Normandy, France, complete with the day-by-day rescue log from the 1980-2001. (excerpts to come!)


We’re currently converting the inside of Ruby with all the wares necessary to share our unique teas, bubble tea, coffee, and baked goods with you.


Beginning in the Spring of 2018, we’ll be bringing it all to you Fairfield County, CT! Watch for our red Tea Truck!


Check back for our full menu and list of premium loose teas and accessories.


We look forward to serving you!


-Wendy and Madison

We're in your neighboorhood, Fairfield County!


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BUBBLE & BREW is based in Fairfield County, but will go where the action is!

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