Beginning in the Spring of 2018
We'll be in your neighborhood, Fairfield County!

BUBBLE & BREW is brewing up your Specialty Teas, Bubble Teas, Coffee and fresh baked goods just like [you wish] your Mom used to bake!


Request us to come to your work place with our Citroen HY van to enjoy our international teas, bubble tea, espresso drinks, cookies, muffins, pies and more!


Invite us to your next event for a tea tasting! We'll come to your home or event space and provide a unique experience of tea tasting, sharing and fun!


Check back for our full menu and list of premium loose teas and accessories.


Add a little bit of tranquility to your day. Take the time to share a cup of tea with a friend.


We're in your neighboorhood, Fairfield County!


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BUBBLE & BREW is based in Fairfield County, but will go where the action is!

       86 Old Hwy, CT 06897          P.O. Box 395, Wilton, CT 06897